Why Human Translators is Your Best Option to Get Accurate Translation


Humans have a greater understanding of language. They know how to use words correctly in different languages and how context can change meanings. Machines can’t pick up on these subtle differences and require individual updates. Human translators also understand how to implement tone and texture. Machines would struggle to convey feelings like annoyance, sarcasm, or elation. So, if you want to get the most accurate translation possible, hiring human translators is your best bet.

Gengo provides high scale and volume human translators

The translation platform Gengo offers businesses the ability to tap into new markets and cultures. Its human translators deliver top-quality translations at affordable prices – around half the price of traditional translation agencies. The company is proud of its rapid turnaround times: 95% of all jobs are completed within two hours. Using machine translation can be an expensive option, but it can’t match the quality of a native-speaking translator.

Using the Gengo API, businesses can send large amounts of content to the translation team in a matter of seconds. They also ensure just-in-time delivery, which makes them a perfect choice for digital translation projects. Gengo also provides end-to-end project management, including glossary and style guide creation. Additionally, the company offers mobile apps and game translators. And, if you need a large volume of translations quickly, you can even use its API to provide the service to other companies.

Gengo offers competitive rates

While traditional agencies charge upwards of $1000 per project, Gengo’s pricing is incredibly affordable. With a network of over 21,000 qualified human translators in over 200 countries, Gengo’s prices are just $0.06 per word. They also offer a free translation service for documents under 1000 words. You can find out more about the cost of Gengo’s human translators and its translation services by reading our review of the company’s services below.

If you want to reach a new market, it’s crucial to translate your content into a new language. For instance, translation into Norwegian can increase your audience by nearly 25%. Similarly, translation into Indonesian can help you tap into the largest market in the world – Indonesia. In addition to being the fourth-largest economy in the world, Indonesian is also a widely-understood language. With Gengo’s human translation services, your business can reach out to this vast market and grow.

Gengo offers culturally appropriate translations

As the global cryptocurrency market grows, it is important for blockchain businesses to provide multilingual content to expand their reach to key stakeholders. Gengo has experience working with some of the world’s largest blockchain brands, including Ripple, which connects banks and payment providers for frictionless money transfer. They use Gengo for website localization and ICO content translation. During their internal workflow, Ripple has chosen Gengo to provide culturally appropriate translations of their white papers and websites.

Although Gengo does not require formal qualifications to use its service, it does require you to prove your abilities by passing a series of quality checks on your translations. These tests are based on recent reviews and weighted by text length and recency. The higher your quality score, the more likely your translations will be accepted for jobs. It is also important to note that Gengo does not require translation into your mother tongue – you can submit translations into other languages, although this may not be as lucrative.

Gengo offers accuracy

The company claims that their human translators offer 95 percent accuracy. But, how can they do this? What are the benefits of hiring Gengo? Read on to learn more. In addition to their incredibly high accuracy rates, Gengo human translators are also available on an unlimited number of projects. To get started, sign up for a free account. The process is simple and free! Here are some tips to improve your translation experience.

A major advantage of working with Gengo human translators is that there is no formal qualification required. However, they do require a qualification on their website. They offer pre-tests, standard level tests, and proofread tests. It’s also easier to translate into your mother tongue, but Gengo also allows you to translate into many other languages. It’s also important to note that the company’s website will always display your qualifications and your rates.

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